Jonah is building a house for them but shhh Elettra doesn’t know yet

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I thought we had something special

*Releasing a picture of Elettra at “Sims & Loubs" (her new TV show) before I explain this project*

Downloaded a lot of cc <3

Taking pictures for their wedding album

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage

She thought it was a good idea to ask him to marry her

As seen here.

  1. Found this dress on Romwe
  2. Mesh by AAS
  3. Custom thumbnail
  4. Compressed
  5. Everyday,formal,singed,career,outerwear and supernatural.

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Jonah is flirting with Elettra…it’s kinda weird ‘cause he was her mothers boyfriend before she died.

I need to stop searching for clothes on the internet…I always end up making clothes for my sims and wishing I had them in real life :( Found this dress on Romwe and made it for Elettra.I may share it.This text is totally useless delete it if you want.